When Sexual Assault Occurs

After a sexual assault, the victim is often left confused and in a great deal of emotional and physical pain. They may even be hospitalized. In some cases, the victim

What To Do On November 3

The 2020 General Election is just around the corner – November 3rd will be here before we know it! After you check your registration, check out these ways to go a step


Intellectually disabled persons are sexually assaulted and/or raped at a rate seven times higher than those without disabilities according to crime data from the Justice Department. Despite this, there is

Perfect Example of an Insurance Company Acting in Bad Faith

The Law Offices Of Terence Traverso Announce Judgment In Insurance Bad Faith Case SEATTLE, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Trial Lawyer Terence F. Traverso, founder of the Seattle-based law offices of Terence F. Traverso, announced today a