What We’ve Learned So Far: A Year Into The Pandemic


The first city-wide lockdown took effect in Kansas City, Missouri on March 21, 2020. People everywhere had no choice but to jump feet-first into the new world of a global pandemic. They bunkered down and ordered in. Home offices were dusted and spruced. Pets became coworkers. “Zoom” became a permanent part of our vocabulary, and it seems like just about everyone perfected their baking.

While the world seemed to stop for a moment, life continued. The air quality in the city improved. Nature and people both met the given changes. This is not to say that things weren’t uncertain – for lots of people, things were downright scary. People lost their jobs. Others continued to go to work not knowing what to expect. We all learned something new, in some way, about ourselves and the world around us, even if it wasn’t some fabulous new skill. Whatever we learned, and even if it might not have always felt like it, we all learned to adapt.

This was also true of the people here at Smith Mohlman. Below, we share what some of us learned during the crazy year that was 2020.