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Kansas City Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycle accidents can happen suddenly and can have devastating consequences for the motorcycle rider. Unfortunately, insurance companies often place blame on the motorcycle rider, regardless of the facts of the case. Our Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in fighting the insurance company. We have extensive experience working with motorcycle riders and understand how to thoroughly investigate these cases. We will take into account all factors, including road defects, to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

One of the most common questions we are asked is “How is fault determined for motorcycle accidents and injuries?” Most people assume that reckless, careless or drunk drivers are always at fault, but even sober drivers can be a serious threat to motorcycle riders. Distracted driving, such as texting, chatting and taking selfies on smartphones, and other irresponsible behaviors on the road lead to accidents, injuries, and hundreds of deaths in Missouri and Kansas every year. Brain injuries, spinal injuries, and other long-term injuries are common results of a car accident or truck collision with a motorcycle. This can leave a rider facing medical bills, lost wages, and lengthy rehabilitation.

Our goal is to stand by your side and prove accurate fault, and to help you obtain the recovery you deserve – financially, legally, and personally.

What To Do If You’re In A Motorcycle Accident

Once you’ve received medical attention, it’s time to start thinking about your legal options. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages. This can include things like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The first step in pursuing a legal claim for a motorcycle accident is to speak with a qualified Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer. A good attorney will be able to evaluate your case and help you understand your rights and options. They can also help you gather the evidence you need to prove your case, such as police reports, witness statements, and medical records.

Different Scenarios In Which A Motorcycle Accident Can Occur

  • Collision with another vehicle: This type of accident often occurs when a car or truck turns in front of a motorcycle, causing a crash.
  • Lane splitting accident: Lane splitting is when a motorcycle rides between lanes of stopped or slow-moving cars. This can be dangerous and can lead to accidents.
  • Road hazards: Potholes, debris, and other road hazards can cause a motorcycle to crash.
  • Weather conditions: Rain, ice, and wind can make riding a motorcycle more difficult and increase the risk of an accident.
  • Reckless or distracted driving: Motorcycle riders who drive recklessly or are distracted by their phones or other devices are more likely to get into an accident.
  • Mechanical failure: Accidents can also occur due to mechanical failure such as a flat tire, faulty brake or malfunctioning engine.
  • Alcohol or drug impairment: Alcohol or drug impairment can impair a motorcycle rider’s ability to safely operate the vehicle and increases the risk of an accident.

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Missouri or Kansas, it is crucial to take immediate action to safeguard your rights. Our firm can meet with you one-on-one to evaluate your case and immediately begin working to hold the insurance company accountable so that you can focus on recovering. Don’t hesitate to contact our Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer today for a complimentary and obligation-free consultation.