I had a great experience with accident law KC, after having a car accident in 2021 they took over and handled everything that had to do with my insurance and they did it very well. I got all the treatments for my back and leg injuries that I needed and was pleased with how well they took care of me, even when I got busy with my things and wasn’t a very responsive client to them they continued to help me till my case was finalized. I would work with Accident law kc again.

–Paola L.

Rachel was so insightful, telling me I needed to add uninsured motorist coverage years before the accidents which I did immediately. That extra coverage made all the difference in the world when I got hurt because both insurance companies at fault refused to take responsibility, blaming each other.

Poor medical records kept by the doctor of the accidents also made getting a settlement almost impossible. But Rachel thought outside of the box by having the two insurance companies battle each other over who was at fault instead, putting the burden of proof on them. And they finally came to a resolution thanks to Rachel and her team.

–Karen M.

September 6, 2021, is a day that changed my life forever. I was riding my bicycle and hit by a car going at highway speeds. I sustained serious injuries in the accident. Rachel Smith was recommended to represent me to obtain compensation for my damages.

Rachel was caring and compassionate as she handled my case. She treated me with respect, and it was obvious that she was invested in me as a person, not just another case. She guided me through the process with concern. She made sure my physical injuries were addressed as well as my mental injuries because of the accident.

Rachel helped to obtain justice for me. I truly felt someone was listening and acting to right the wrong I had experienced. I am forever grateful and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

–Melynda S.

Rachel’s and her team’s untiring dedication gave me the peace I needed to be patient. Knowing they would do the right thing gave me the confidence to know I would be vindicated. Their words of common sense inspired me to be calm and make [the] right decisions.

–Natasha W.

Great attorneys and staff. They really work hard for their clients. When you need help, these are the people you want fighting for you.

–JoAnn F.

Rachel is an outstanding personal injury attorney. I would not hesitate to refer a friend or a family member to her for legal assistance.

–Brett C.

I just really had a great experience with them overall, I was nervous about my medical bills and they really put me at ease and told me not to worry about anything, to just take care of myself and they would worry about the rest. They were all very prompt and nice and answered any questions and were patient with me which I appreciated.

–Amanda L.

I liked [that Rachel] returned my phone calls and actually answered the phone. They dealt with my case quickly. I had been dealing with another attorney and when Rachel took over it was a total change. They always answered my questions. She did a great job and I was pleased with her service.

–Elizabeth O.

They handled everything wonderfully and made me feel comfortable. I was in pain when I came to them and they were able to provide advice and make me feel better. I would recommend them to anybody. With my case, I was able to call them and ask them for personal advice pertaining to my case and they gave me direction. They even followed up, which showed me they really cared.


They took the time to understand what happened and wanted to get a full in-depth understanding. I think they were really good to work with, they were compassionate and understanding and you could tell they were trying to do the best for you.

–Lori E.

When I had questions everything as answered in a proper amount of time. They were just really nice. [I would tell them to] keep up the good work! They are always putting the client first. I like Rachel because I know she would get back with me, and what she is doing is for us.

–Louise J.

Our meetings with Rachel were comfortable and relaxed – they’re approachable and friendly people. I was impressed with how they left no stone unturned in trying to ensure us the best settlement, they tried every possible avenue. Rachel and her team were able to open doors that other attorneys in the past couldn’t; they did whatever needed to be done. I appreciate that they went the extra mile for my case.

–Scott V.