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Kansas City Sexual Assault LawyerOur Kansas City sexual assault lawyers at Injury Law Associates, LLC understand the devastating impact that sexual assault can have on an individual’s life. Every year in the United States, approximately 433,648 people aged 12 or older are sexually assaulted, and according to RAINN, an American is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of perpetrators are brought to justice. That’s why our attorneys have been dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims since 2005.

While criminal charges may result in punishment for the perpetrator, they do not address the needs of the victim. As a victim of sexual assault, you have the right to seek compensation through civil charges. Our team of compassionate attorneys will work to hold the perpetrator accountable for the physical and emotional harm caused by the assault, and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your suffering.

Criminal Sexual Assault Proceedings vs. Civil Proceedings

If you decide to press criminal charges, the attorney will work with the prosecutor to ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice. If you decide to file a civil lawsuit, your attorney will work to prove that the perpetrator is liable for your injuries and other damages.

In a criminal case of sexual assault, the prosecution must provide evidence that the crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt, a high standard of proof. If successful, the defendant will face penalties such as fines, imprisonment, and sex offender registration. However, these penalties do not compensate the victim for the harm caused by the assault. Criminal proceedings focus on punishment of the offender, not the healing of the victim.

On the other hand, in a civil case, the lawsuit is filed for the harm caused to the victim. The burden of proof is lower than in criminal cases. Although there is no specific civil action for sexual assault, other options such as assault and battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, or negligent infliction of emotional distress may be available, depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, a third party who may have been responsible for the assault, such as a hotel or nightclub with inadequate security or an employer who didn’t properly screen employees, may also be held liable. A Kansas City sexual assault lawyer will assess all the factors surrounding the case and recommend the best course of action for the claim.

Compensation For Sexual Assault Survivors

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that almost one in five women and one in seventy-one men in the United States have been raped at some point in their lives.Our lawyers recognize the prevalence of sexual assault and are committed to assisting victims in any way they can. While financial compensation cannot undo the physical and emotional harm caused by sexual assault, it can help cover expenses and provide a sense of justice for the victim.

Sexual assault can result in a variety of injuries and losses, including cuts, abrasions, lacerations, injuries from the assault itself, injuries from restraints, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Financial compensation can help cover the cost of medical treatment, emergency care, psychological or psychiatric care, lost wages, and can provide compensation for pain and suffering and emotional distress. In certain cases, victims may also be eligible for punitive damages.

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At Injury Law Associates, LLC, our Kansas City sexual assault attorneys are dedicated to providing support and legal assistance to survivors of sexual assault. We understand the lasting impact of such a traumatic event and strive to offer a sensitive and compassionate approach. Our consultation is confidential and free of charge, during which we can discuss the details of your case and explore all available options for legal action. We only collect legal fees if we are successful in obtaining compensation for you. Don’t hesitate, reach out to our Kansas City sexual assault lawyer today to get the help and support you need.