Case Results


Premises liability with TBI


Settlement of a claim involving sexual assault of a minor


Settlement of a head on car crash with TBI


Car wreck with TBI policy limit settlement

Defendant crossed the center line and struck our client resulting in a traumatic brain injury, a rotator cuff tear and other soft tissue injuries. This case was contested for many years and only settled a few weeks before trial.


Settlement of car wreck with neck and back injuries


Settlement of dog bite case


Settlement of dog bite case, multiple bites


Settlement of a car wreck with MtBI, multiple fractures- policy limits settlement


Boat vs. Jet ski policy limits

Client on jets ski struck by a speedboat resulting in paralysis


Car wreck with TBI policy limits

Rear-end car crash with minor property damage resulting in neck back strain and TBI. $100k from liable party and $400k in UIM settlement


Car wreck policy limits

Back seat passenger was injured when driver turned left in front of a semi sustaining neck and spine injuries. Recovery from driver and owner of vehicle.


Car wreck with shoulder injury

Client struck while waiting to turn left on highway by oncoming vehicle.


Car wreck with back injury

Defendant pulled from on-ramp at intersection striking clients vehicle.


Car/semi wreck with a concussion and back injury

Semi switched lanes and hit the client’s vehicle causing it to spin and hit the guardrail.


Car/semi wreck with back injury

Semi switched lanes and hit client’s vehicle causing it to spin and leave highway into a ditch.


Car wreck with back injury

Client and his passenger/wife were rear-ended on the highway as they were entering a construction zone. Policy limits under the liability policy of the other driver and the client’s UIM policy limits were paid to client and his wife on each of their claims.


Car wreck with neck injury; policy limits from other driver

Client was rear-ended while stopped in traffic. Policy limits under liability policy of other driver and client’s UIM policy limits were paid.


Premises liability-eye injury

Apartment complex resident was walking when a lawn care contractor mowed over a rock causing it to shoot from the mower and struck the resident in the eye.


Premises liability- neck and shoulder injuries

Confidential settlement


Nursing home wrongful death – confidential settlement

Decedent was struck by another resident on a motorized scooter during a fire drill at nursing home.


Slip and fall- fire safe causing broken legs – policy limits

Homeowner asked for assistance of a neighbor moving a firesafe up a staircase. Homeowner slipped and the firesafe fell on our client breaking both of his legs.


Rear-end crash – policy limits

Minor suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury & broken nose.


Slip and fall on stairs -Knee injury

Client was walking down the stairs of a friend’s house when she slipped and fell on an item that was left on the stairs.


Dog bite –Amazon driver

Female Amazon driver bitten in the thigh by 2 dogs who burst through the home’s storm door. Surgery required and permanent scarring.


Dog bit (multiple bites)- Amazon driver

Male Amazon driver was bitten on 2 separate occasions. First incident-a child at the home opened the gate and three dogs burst through the front door. Second incident- Surgery and permanent scarring.


Car wreck- with knee injury

At fault driver failed to yield the right of way and caused our client to crash into her car, causing neck, back and knee injuries. The knee injury required surgical repair.


Car wreck with dementia patient rapid deterioration

Car wreck caused client with early onset dementia to experience a spiral of her cognition symptoms to immediately and dramatically worsen, ultimately resulting in death.


Negligent hiring with TBI – verdict

Homeowner needed a large tree trimmed at his rental property. He priced companies and decided they were too expensive. Ultimately, he hired someone from Craigslist who was not qualified to safely cut the tree down. When he took his chainsaw to the tree with not warning to anyone nearby, the tree crashed onto the top of a car driven by our client, he experienced serious injuries including a brain bleed and TBI.


Motorcycle crash – head, neck, back, knee injuries

Motorcycle passenger injured when a vehicle pulled in front of the motorcycle. Motorcycle driver laid the bike down prior to crashing into vehicle.


Car rear-ended motorcycle- head neck and back injuries

Driver rear-ended client was stopped at the stop light and then left the scene.


Motorcycle crash- Policy limits

Defendant T-boned motorcycle resulting in death of the driver


Dog jump case causing wound and deterioration resulting in death

A dog present at a dental business jumped onto our elderly client resulting in a serious leg wound. She rapidly deteriorated and died 24 days later.


Car wreck-broken foot

Client injured her right foot in a rear-end crash including a fracture.


Motorcycle crash-leg fracture, ligament tears-Policy limit

Defendant vehicle failed to yield and turned in front of motorcycle driver.


Motorcycle crash fractured leg- Policy limit

Client was struck at intersection by vehicle turning left in front of him. Independent witness claimed client cut through parking lot and was speeding a block for crash occurred.


Car wreck with concussion and neck injuries

Client was struck by driver who ran a red light.


Bike crash -broken wrist, broken ankle and other injuries – Uninsured policy limit

Client on bicycle was struck by a driver who lost control of his dirt bike. The uninsured driver then fled the scene.


Dog bite child-bite to abdomen and hip

Minor was playing with neighbors in his driveway when another neighbor lost control of her dog and the dog attacked minor.


Drunk driving car wreck/Wrongful Death-Policy Limit

Drunk driver traveling on highway at high rate of speed rear-ended another vehicle, killing the driver and injuring the passenger of that vehicle.


Car wreck neck injury

Client was rear ended causing an injury to her neck that resulted in surgery.


Pedestrian crash – policy limits

A child was struck at a drive-in theater resulting in serious injuries to his foot.


Car crash US Postal Employee-Traumatic Brain Injury, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries

US Postal worker driving through the intersection was t-boned on the driver’s side by a city dump truck that ran a stop sign.


Pedestrian semi – concussion’ neck and back injuries

Client was struck by a semi-trailer that was backing up.