Make A Positive Impact From Home

Humans Thrive Off Of Doing Good.

Studies have shown that we are wired to assist others and partake in acts of kindness impulsively. The desire to make a positive impact on others is simply part of us. It’s also no secret that doing good makes us FEEL good. But right now, the weight of the world is immense, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the inability to go out and leave our homes to make a difference or lend a helping hand.

We’re Here To Say: Do Not Feel Defeated.

Don’t do it! There is still so much we can do from home to be a beacon in our communities. And we have more time now than ever to do so! Let’s take a look at some things we can do to make a positive impact today.

Treat Someone.

Your doctor is stressed. Your kids’ teacher who has had to revamp their entire job structure is stressed. Your hairdresser who isn’t allowed to have clients right now is stressed. We’re all stressed! And everyone likes a hot meal, a yummy snack, or a fancy coffee. If you have the financial ability, consider letting someone know you’re thinking of them by surprising them with a treat. With a bevy of convenient delivery apps available, pick your favorite one and make someone’s day. They’ll appreciate it.

Buy Some Art.

We’ve all heard the term “starving artist.” Help them out! That chic friend from Facebook who always makes the coolest crafts? Your kids’ friends that have a band? Buy their art and music! Hit up Etsy and find your new favorite treasure. The support would mean the world, and you get to have something to enjoy for yourself, too. A win-win! And don’t forget to share their business pages on social media.

Tip Well.

If you’ve got it, give it. Simple as that. It’s important to remember that the service industry is trying to adapt to this new “normal,” and these workers are still out there feeding us and delivering our food so we don’t have to put ourselves in danger. Show your appreciation.

Say “Thank You!”

Not everyone has the extra money right now to show gratitude through gifts or money. That’s fine! A simple, kind message can go a long way. Leave a heartfelt review if you loved your service. Write a thank-you note. It’s so easy to send a text showing your appreciation and it can do wonders.


An unfortunate truth is that our most vulnerable are being hit even harder through the pandemic. Homeless shelters are filled to the brim, as well as abuse shelters. Food banks need resources. Many schools are still feeding their students – contact your child’s school to see how you can help. Find out which items are in need or give a monetary gift if you can swing it. Or, you can volunteer to donate your time.

  • Rose Brooks is a pet-friendly women’s shelter, in operation for over 40 years.
  • reStart is a homeless shelter that serves all individuals without discrimination.
  • Harvesters is a regional foodbank serving 26 counties in Missouri and Kansas.
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters KC has a clothing donation program and is always looking for great ‘Bigs.’

Sharing Is Caring.

We live on social media. What better way to help people than to spread the word about their talents and services? Know a great photographer? Tell your friends! Have an artist whose craft you adore? Share their work! Get on your favorite music streaming service, make a playlist of local music, and share it! The exposure never hurts.

Reach Out To Your Neighbors.

Now is a great time to be neighborly. We truly don’t know what the people around us are going through – unless we ask. Check in. Several neighborhoods have Facebook groups where you can do an all-call for who needs what. Nextdoor is a super useful tool as well. We definitely have the sacred time to make ourselves available to our communities.